TWIN TOWNS’ RACE – lottery

The Race is over, the running trails have been cleaned up, and medals handed in or mailed. Yet, there is still remaining one final element of our event.

As it was announced, we have prizes from the sponsor of the Race, to be drawn among all the runners who registered for the Race and submitted their results. We conducted the prize draw, precisely six prize draws, as there is one gift – a suitcase, meant for each Twin City participating in the Race. The sponsor, brand SOMMERSON, has been a big supporter of runners from its beginnings.

As per the official drawing conducted by the committee, the suitcases will go to:

-Biržai (Lithuania) – Mindaugas ROŽĖNAS (bib number 24)

– Brod (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Nandino Malešević (bib number 31)

– Delligsen (Germany) – Ruven Ackermann (bib number 94)

– Grodzisk Wlkp. (Poland) – Krzysztof Kaczmarek (bib number 52)

– Merksplas (Belgium) – Eddy Vervloet bib number 60)

– Postomino (Poland) – Marta Kaczmarek (bib number 106)

We trust that the suitcases will come in handy for trips for all kinds of running events. We count on you to travel one day with the suitcase to Grodzisk Wielkopolski and we wish for the suitcase owners to join one of the running events organized in our town.

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