Twin Towns’ Race completed!

Dear Runners,

The Twin Towns’ Race has ended. The dust on the trails fell down, and the medals and registration numbers are being packed and mailed to new owners.

This project had been on our minds for some time before we launched it. The global pandemic and the resulting constraints sped up putting the idea into action, however, we could not predict for sure how the project would evolve and if it would be successful.

There were 125 participants officially registered for the Race from all around Europe. Some participants registered last minute, on the very weekend when the Race took place.

The invite for this virtual event was extended to runners from the Twin Cities of Grodzisk Wielkopolski. We got positive replies from the Lithuanian Birzai, Bosnian Brod, German Delligsen, Belgium Merksplas, and Polish seaside town – Postomino. The Czech town Tabor had to withdraw at the last moment due to the rigorous pandemic constraints imposed in the Czech Republic a few days before the date of the Race. Health and safety are the utmost priority, and that decision could not have been different.  

The first result of the completed race of 10 km reached us on Saturday morning from the Lithuanian Birzai. Then, day by day, other results with pictures taken during the run were sent to the official e-mail address of the event.

Most Participants rushed into the Race trails on Sunday. Our trail located in Zdroj, in the suburbs of Grodzisk Wielkopolski had been set and marked a few days earlier. We met there quite a few runners on Sunday, and the weather cooperated with us (we tried our best so it would be included in the Race package). It is worth mentioning, that the colorful autumn foliage we could see in the forest, added charm to the experience.  

For many runners, it was not a priority to finish the Race within a short time. As we expected, there were mushrooms in the forest alongside the trail, it was hard not to succumb to the temptation of collecting them. We had a good time and lots of fun, which is what mattered most to us.

We do not know how much the realization of this project and the experience, stood up to the expectations; however, we are sure we all miss joint running events.

It warms our hearts that so many people from Twin Towns welcomed the idea and together with us, though remotely, ran in the Race.

The event was organized with the financial support from the budget of the Grodzisk Wielkopolski Community as part of the project “Running Twin Towns”.

The Race results sent to us by the Participants can be found below.

Here comes the last important message. Soon we will do the drawing of prizes – suitcases gifted by the Race sponsor, the company SOMMERSON. As we informed earlier, all the participants who registered for the Race, finished it, and submitted their results, will participate in the drawing. The results will be announced soon.

1.23VAIDAS BALCIUNAS10,0200:48:14
2.8Bartłomiej Przybylski10,0901:02:05
3.1Marek Bendowski1001:30:18
4.2Maciej Wróbel12,2401:07:00
5.46Marianna Frąckowiak10,0700:54:50
6.19Monika Czekała1001:10:10
7.41Grzegorz Gamrowski1001:11:57
8.51Magdalena Łodyga1000:45:51
9.50Marcin Łodyga1001:05:21
10.49Alicja Nowak1001:05:21
11.48Beata Andrzejewska1001:05:15
12.47Anna Ledzianowska1001:05:21
13.100Bosacka Renata10,0201:09:46
14.125Andrzej Kosicki10,3101:15:21
15.15Sebastian Sternal1001:14:54
16.16Anna Sternal1001:14:54
17.24Mindaugas ROŽĖNAS1000:52:39
18.25Laura DŽEVEČKIENĖ10,100:54:00
19.27Dalius ČVERTKAUSKAS10,200:59:07
20.26KĘSTUTIS GRIGĖNAS1000:47:46
21.55Sylwia Brychcy10,8502:17:38
22.10Magdalena Szymczak10,3200:59:39
23.57Łukasz Najdek10,0201:09:19
24.14Paweł Łukasik10,2800:52:16
25.126Anna Nowak10,0201:09:19
26.9Piotr Bartkowiak10,6401:20:06
27.52Krzysztof Kaczmarek10,7801:19:40
28.12Paweł Pierzyński10,4401:16:45
29.5Bartosz Dziurla10,5501:19:53
30.53Maciej Jaśkowiak13,801:32:46
31.21Basia Cichos10,5501:19:53
32.45Michał Skrzypczak1001:02:28
33.44Anna Skrzypczak1001:02:28
34.43Aleksandra Waligóra1001:02:28
35.54Krzysztof Pioszyk10,0500:52:11
36.28Davor Kokić1000:45:13
37.29Goran Garačić1001:06:33
38.30Zoran Miškić1000:55:12
39.31Nandino Malešević1000:42:50
40.32Dario Veselinović1000:45:00
41.33Dražen Jovičić1000:55:12
42.34Dalibor Jovičić1000:50:50
43.35Velibor Vidić1000:48:20
44.36Goran Marinković1000:46:20
45.37Slaviša Vidić1000:55:10
46.38Milosav Mitrić1000:51:59
47.40Đorđe Ćerić1000:40:40
48.3Małgorzata Adamczak1001:04:00
49.4Przemysław Adamczak1001:04:00
50.127wojciech Nolka1000:53:04
51.56Violetta Ptaszyńska10,0201:09:19
52.102Michał Sokół10,6201:05:48
53.17Jan Łeske1000:47:38
54.99Karolina Urbanek1001:07:39
55.101Dorota Przybysz10,0400:55:51
56.103Aleksandra Bosak1000:44:18
57.104Tomasz Jabłoński1000:52:13
58.105Agnieszka Komar1001:10:37
59.106Marta Kaczmarek1000:52:23
60.107Andrzej Protasiewicz21,1102:00:00
61.108Renata Protasiewicz1001:07:01
62.109Krzysztof Wilczewski1000:52:32
63.110Grzegorz Wójcicki1000:53:37
64.111Ksenia Motykowska1000:52:15
65.112Marcin Stopa1000:48:14
66.113Łukasz Tłustek1000:46:02
67.114Dorota Sułek1001:01:58
68.115Marcin Smołuch1000:44:08
69.116Artur Struś1000:47:38
70.117Katarzyna Kulczyk1000:56:28
71.118Robert Jaworski1000:52:44
72.119Łukasz Wielgat1000:41:54
73.120Ewa Brzostowska10,100:59:33
74.121Sławomir Ludwikowski1000:47:49
75.122Tomasz Szopiński1000:52:01
76.123Jan Bojkowski1000:52:28
77.124Jan Kurkul1000:42:27
78.128Jarosław Stojewski13,0101:08:51
79.78Anke Nitz1000:57:43
80.79Kathrin Knackstedt1001:02:32
81.80Franziska Bertram,1001:02:48
82.81Dagmar Mönkemeyer1001:02:48
83.82Annike Wiedemann1000:49:40
84.83Natascha Seyd1000:48:15
85.84Petra Düerkop1000:56:32
86.85Tatjana Thomas1001:04:12
87.86Jan Thomschke1000:40:43
88.87Andreas Besler1000:49:02
89.88Thomas Knackstedt1000:43:41
90.89Arne Sturm1000:49:02
91.90Bruno Kostrewa1000:44:10
92.91Dennis Meier1000:46:50
93.92Thomas Griebel1000:50:41
94.93Michael Messerschmidt1000:48:01
95.94Ruven Ackermann1000:43:40
96.95Karsten Nitz1000:40:43
97.96Marco Bertram1000:38:46
98.97Jürgen Bartsch1000:45:00
99.98Janosch Gralla1000:53:00
100.58Lobke Mast1001:01:00
101.59Peter Loose1000:47:00
102.60Eddy Vervloet1001:00:00
103.61Kevin Claessen1000:46:35
104.62Wout Oprinis1000:46:12
105.64Ivo Marynissn1000:57:00
106.65Koen Staes1000:47:18
107.66Jeroen Polders1000:41:00
108.67Wim Geerts1001:01:27
109.68Jef Lenaerts1000:48:31
110.69Lnde Eysermans1001:02:35
111.70Patrick Eysermans1001:02:39
112.72Flip Hofkens1000:47:04
113.72Dave Huysmans1000:50:40
114.73Steven Verhoeeven1001:13:56
115.74Edgard Qurynen1000:47:41
116.75Wout Fransen1001:01:00
117.76Gust Qurynen1000:44:35

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