Dear Runners from Grodzisk Wielkopolski and Citizens of the Twin Towns of Grodzisk Wielkopolski

As we wrote last year, the time of pandemic proved to be for all of us challenging and unpredictable. This has been true also this year – 2021. We had to accept numerous changes and learn how to do things differently, adapting new priorities. Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, we wanted to keep doing what we liked and enjoyed most. Contrary to what some people expected, the tough times inspired us last year and still encourage us today to undertake new challenges, come up with new ideas, and launch innovative initiatives.

In October 2020, we organized the first Virtual Twin Towns’ Race (Wirtualny Bieg Miast Partnerskich); we invited Grodzisk Wielkopolski citizens and the towns Grodzisk Wielkopolski signed partnership agreements with – Twin Cities. During two days, 125 runners took part in the Race; some eager runners joined the event last minute after it had already begun. Our invitation got favourable responses from the runners from Lithuanian Birzai, Bosnian Brod, German Delligsen, Belgium Merksplas, and the Polish twin city Postomino.

This year we want to organize the second Virtual Twin Towns’ Race (Wirtualny Bieg Miast Partnerskich) and we are extending an invitation to the runners from the following cities/towns


– BETTON (France),

– DOLYNA (Ukraine),

– BIRZAI (Lithuania),

– MERKSPLAS (Belgium),


– DELLIGSEN (Germany),

– BROD (Serb Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina),

-TABOR (Czech Republic),


– GRODZISK (Poland),

– POSTOMINO (Poland).

We have planned the Race to take place on October 23rd and 24th.The registration for the Race begins on September 24th at 8:00 pm.

All the information about the running event will be available in the Terms and Conditions on the website www.twintownsrace.plWe trust you will join us in the efforts of organizing the Race. We count on you! Without your involvement, the Race will not happen.

The Grodzisk Running Club will prepare a dedicated medal and race registration number, which will constitute a valuablememento of the Twin Towns’ Race. Also, we will mark a 10-kilometer route in Zdroj, nearby Grodzisk Wielkopolski which one can run alone or in a team with other runners.

We invite you to participate! See you soon!

Members of the Running Club of Grodzisk Wielkopolski

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