The 2nd Twin Towns’ Race came to the end!

The 2nd Virtual Twin Towns’ Race has been officially ended. Like in the previous year, we gradually pack and send the medals and race starting numbers to their new owners, as we receive the race results from all participants these days.

Over 70 people from all over Europe registered officially and took part in the Event. Runners from Grodzisk Wielkopolski invited to that virtual Race the runners from the Grodzisk Wielkopolski’s Twin Towns, as such was the concept of the event from its beginnings. The invitation got favorable responses from the Lithuanian Birzai, Bosnian Brod, Belgian Merksplas, and the Czech Tabor.

The vast majority of runners chose to participate on Sunday, except for Serbs from Brod. They started already on Saturday since they organized their 5km-race on Sunday. A strong representation of the Grodzisk Runners’ Club joined the event on Sunday morning, showing up early on the Zdroj route near Grodzisk. The weather was favorable (as planned to be “included in the Race package”), and the forest was decorated with autumn foliage.

The time to finish the Race was not of critical importance to most runners. Neither was the distance, and some participants did not strictly adhere to the 10 km route. The essential thing of the Race was to have fun and have a good time with fellow runners. The Race was a great motivation to leave the warm houses and get together.

The event was co-financed from the Grodzisk Wielkopolski Municipal Council’s budget as part of the “Racing Twin Cities” project (Zabiegane Miasta Partnerskie).

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